Heavenly Puppies is not your average “Puppy Store.”

Its all about the puppies here at Heavenly puppy.  We love each and everyone of the puppies that comes into our care.  WE specialize in finding the best babies from USDA class A licensed breeders around the country.  Every puppy is hand picked that comes here and then matched up with the best families that fall in love. They are all socialized, loved, brushed daily and trained to get ready for their forever homes.  We are proud on how we pour our hearts into every God created puppy that we get to be apart of.

How it started…


Heavenly Puppies was birthed from a heart of love.  Kim and Lucy Lottermann saw that this industry was not ran well or with love for people and puppies.  With a lot of love and hard work they created an place where puppies are loved, trained, and socialized until the puppies are matched up with the right family.  Heavenly puppies is unlike any puppy boutique around and people who have experienced this place acknowledge it right away.  Hope you come and experience the love from us and our fur babies